Learning Center Policies

Essential Beginnings Learning Center is open according to the following schedule:
Monday – Friday 6:30 AM to 6:00 PM

If you plan to keep your child home due to illness, or any other reason, you must notify the office no later than your regular drop off time.

If you will be picking your child up early on any day, or if your child has an appointment and will be leaving, please notify our office when you drop your child off in the morning .

Either the parent or provider has the right to terminate service for any reason, providing a 2 week written notice is given.

An annual registration fee of $60 is charged at the start of enrollment and each year.

Tuition must be received on the first day of attendance, each week. If tuition is not paid by closing at the end of the first day of the week, a late fee will be charged. Your normal weekly fe e can be paid on a monthly or semi-weekly basis if you prefer. A late fee will be charged if tuition is not received at closing at theend of the first day of the month. A full week’s tuition regardless of absences, vacations, holidays or weather related closings.

Payment can be made through MasterCard, Visa, Discover, Cash or a check payable to Essential Beginnings Learning Center. A $30.00 returned check fee will be charged and we reserve the right to refuse future payments by check. Receipts will be issued at time of payment if requested.

  • A late fee of $25 will be assessed if tuition is not paid on time.
  • $25 fee for insufficient funds

If your child has any of the following illnesses or conditions, you must keep your child home:

* A temperature above 100 degrees Fahrenheit
* Vomiting (2 or more times in 24 hours)
* Diarrhea (3 or more watery stools in 24 hours)
* A rash
* Eye infection
* Sore throat
* Any Communicable-Disease
* If it’s clear your child is just not feeling good

Depending upon the illness, you may be required to obtain a doctor’s note before your child returns to care.

Any medication must be in the original bottle or container and prescription medications must include the original prescription label and instructions. Essential Beginnings will not administer any medications, creams or sunscreen without written consent from a child’s parent. Parents must hand all medications, instructions and consent forms to me personally. I will not administer the first dose of any new medication to your child. The first dose is to be administered by you at home with several hours for parental observation of a possible allergy.

Complete immunization records must be on file prior to your child’s first day of enrollment. Please update your child’s immunization records on a yearly basis.

Mandatory Flu Shot All children enrolled at EBLC must have a yearly flu shot before December 31st. This is a state mandated immunization and is part of our yearly inspection. If your child does not have the immunization, and is not exempt with a doctor’s note, then he/she may not attend school after December 31st, and is not allowed back to school until March 31st.

I believe that the discipline of a child is achieved through patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement. I also try and teach the children in our care manners, kindness and to be respectful to others. One of the ways in which we do this is by the example we as providers set. I understand that our actions and reactions speak much louder than our words. The children are explained the rules of the daycare frequently, so they know what’s expected of them. Once a child is old enough to understand the rules and disobeys them by, exhibiting inappropriate behavior (hitting, aggression, etc), hurts others, or property, the following   developmentally appropriate guidance techniques will be used. These techniques are as follows:

  1. Positive Reinforcement:The child will be encouraged when he or she is demonstrating acceptable behavior.
  2. Redirection: The child is redirected to another   activity and given an opportunity to try again at another time.
  3. Time-Out:The child is separated from the group for an age appropriate amount of time (one minute per one year of age). This technique is only used when a child repeatedly will not follow our directions or listen to our words, is exhibiting temper tantrum type behavior, or hurting oneself, others or equipment. When the child shows that he or she is ready to demonstrate acceptable behavior, they are encouraged to join the rest of the group to
    try again.

Last Resort: When a child’s behavior is continually upsetting or dangerous to others, a conference will be called with the parents. If the problems cannot be resolved, arrangements will have to be made for the child to go elsewhere for care.

I will work in conjunction with parents during potty training.  If you have a method that has been working for you, please let us know and we will adopt it for your child. I will work with you – but not for you.  Should you discontinue potty training at home, please let me know.  If a child shows no interest in potty training, I may choose to discontinue and try again at a later date.

Please be sure that your child has the following items to be kept at the center. Please label all items.

  • A complete change of clothing
  • Beach towel or light blanket for rest time (please do not send large blankets or blankets hat have sentimental value)
  • Disposable diapers, pull ups and wipes (if needed)
  • Bottles and other personal items that your infant/toddler may require (Bottles and lids must be labeled with child’s first and last name, and date)

We have well organized age appropriate toys for toddlers and infants. Infants will not be allowed to be around or play with small objects and toys. During the initial adjusting period I encourage your child bring a piece of home with them; a special blanket, toy, or teddy can be very comforting. However, please do not bring your child’s toys to daycare except on designated sharing/show and tell days. As much as we try to encourage sharing, this seldom works when it is the child’s own personal toy. It only causes problems between them and the other children.

We serve two snacks daily of 100% juice, milk, fruits and vegetables. Please label all containers with child’s name. Please do not send lunches that need excessive time to prepare (1 minutes or less), time away from the children

  • September 7th – Labor Day
  • November 26th – Thanksgiving Day
  • November 27th – Day after Thanksgiving
  • December 24th – Closed at 3:00pm
  • December 25th – Christmas Day
  • January 1st –  New Year’s Day
  • March 25th – Good Friday
  • May 30th –  Memorial Day
  • July 4th –  Independence Day

In the event of inclement weather or national emergency, we will follow the policies of the Hainesport School District. Early closures due to storms or emergencies will be communicated with parent at the time of drop off or within 2 hours of closing. We will also post information to our Facebook page or Website.

We would love to hear from you!