How Do I Enroll My Child?

We know the importance of selecting a school and take your decision to enroll your child at Essential Beginnings Learning Center very seriously. Thank you for taking this step and know that our team will provide a healthy, creative and fun environment for your child’s success.

Please review the Essential Beginnings Learning Center Policies to ensure that you are familiar with the operation of our school and any necessary health and medical requirements for your child.

The Enrollment Process:

Enrollment is now open at Essential Beginnings Learning Center (EBLC). If you have a child ages 6 weeks and older, simply complete our required Enrollment Forms. Click on the appropriate form link on the right and download files to read, complete and sign accordingly. After completion, please email, mail or fax them to our center.

Download The Necessary Forms Below

What Parents Are Saying

“We struggled trying to choose the perfect day care facility for our daughter …
but never looked back once after we joined the Essential Beginnings day care family.  Miss Lisa’s extensive background in Early Education stands out immediately.”

“The environment is safe, educational, and so much fun! 
The staff is consistently attentive, patient, compassionate, and understanding with every child. Also the center is always in immaculate condition. I especially appreciate the student – teacher ratio, so that each child gets plenty of attention and help learning.”

“My son, who is now almost 3, has been with Ms. Lisa full-time since he was 6 months old.
He is our first and only child, currently, so we were apprehensive about entrusting him to just anyone.  We met with Ms. Lisa beforehand and it was an overall positive experience. We discussed her lesson plans, education and background, values, and expectations of her as well as of us. Before we left the learning center, my wife and I had already made the decision that she was a good fit for our family.”

My son has displayed exponential growth in all areas. Whether it is counting in English and Spanish, knowing his colors, again, in English and Spanish, naming the planets in the Solar System or sharing his wondrous imagination with us! He amazes us daily with his knowledge.  He is well spoken and has an ever expanding vocabulary, he displays manners, and is sympathetic and thoughtful of others, we attribute that to Ms. Lisa, her classroom setting and teaching style. She truly plays an integral role in my son’s development and there is no place better for our child to grow and flourish!!!”

“The days are planned so that the kids have learning and focusing time,
And later on, they also have fun time. Our daughter was WAY ahead of the curve entering Kindergarten, and now we are nominating her for the Gifted Academic Program. Thank you Essential Beginnings!”

“Essential Beginnings was the best decision I could have made for my daughter!
She already knows how to spell and write her name, recite all of the planets in order, sing the alphabet and much more. People compliment me on how well she speaks and I tell them it is thanks to the staff at Essential Beginnings.”

My son’s skills have all been noticeably advanced …
“My son’s speech, potty training, listening skills, fundamental skills, etc. have all been noticeably advanced over his time at Essential Beginnings. I highly recommend this school to anyone looking to get a head start for their child in Pre-K or Kindergarten.”

Noticeable improvements …
“There is a noticeable improvement in my daughter’s speech and overall vocabulary since she has been attending Essential Beginnings. I am extremely happy with the level of structure, consistency, and patience that Ms. Lisa and her staff exhibit daily with my daughter.”

We saw how Lisa was able to develop and grow our niece.
When our first son was born there was no one else I would have trusted for daycare. Her educational preparation is beyond what most daycare providers offer as is her attention to detail. We are constantly complimented with how well-mannered and advanced our son is. We credit much of that to Lisa’s teaching methods. We now have our second child going and can’t wait to see him grow every day in her care.”

“Crucial for my son’s development …
Essential Beginnings Learning Center, and especially Lisa Frazier, has been crucial for my son’s development. He has been going to E.B. for approximately a year and has grown leaps and bounds!”

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