As a learning center, Essential Beginnings places a strong emphasis on developing good academic and social skills, in addition to caring for your child. We use individualized instruction, theme teaching, small group work, and large group learning environments.  Each class is specifically designed to meet a child’s needs in a developmentally appropriate way.

There are several differences between daycare and childcare. In a daycare setting emphasis is placed on the child’s safety and well being. Many daycare facilities focus on social and basic developmental skills. In a childcare facility or learning center, the child’s safety and well being is also extremely important, however, there’s a strong emphasis placed on educational skills. The goal of a childcare or learning center is to prepare the child for kindergarten, both academically and socially. There is structure to our curriculum, and we have goals and objectives that we want to accomplish daily.

At Essential Beginnings Learning Center, we offer high-quality childcare services in South Jersey by providing personalized instruction to our students and investing in premier, age-appropriate teaching resources. We create fun opportunities for learning and maintain a clean and safe facility. We are driven by high standards and core values where our students are taught, among other things, respect, honesty, and accountability.

No. At Essential Beginnings, we approach learning with an emphasis on individualization and differentiation. Each child is evaluated when they enter our school to discover his or her prior knowledge and social skills.

Early Childhood Education is very critical to the development of a child. Children are exposed to various educational and social setting which prepares them for Kindergarten. The knowledge and skills acquired at a young age are foundational elements that will assist in Elementary School through High School. At a young age, children experience the desire to learn through fun and engaging activities.

There are several foundational skills that should be developed prior to exposing children to an extensive learning curriculum. Children should become familiar with the parts of their body and be encouraged to develop both fine and gross motor skills. The fine motor skills will assist in their ability to trace, color and eventually write. The exposure to books and manipulatives, such as blocks, at young age will also assist in their desire to read and build problem solving skills.

Yes. Please see the testimonials from our parents. Also, read our reviews on Facebook.

We know the importance of selecting a school for your child. We take your decision to enroll your child at Essential Beginnings Learning Center very seriously. Please call us at 609.667.7838 to talk to our director, Lisa Frazier, and schedule a tour of our newly renovated facility in Hainesport, NJ.

It’s not a problem at all. We serve families from many surrounding areas – Mount Laurel, Mount Holly, Westhampton, Marlton, Cherry Hill, and all of Burlington County. We also have families who live elsewhere but work in this area.

If you have a child ages 6 weeks and older, simply complete our required Enrollment Forms. Carefully read the forms, and complete and sign them accordingly. After completion, please return the forms via mail, email, or fax to us at:

Essential Beginnings Learning Center
1329 NJ-38
Hainesport, NJ 08036
Phone: 609.667.7838
Fax: 609.667.7839
Email: [email protected]

Please review the Learning Center Policies to ensure that you are familiar with the operation of our school and any necessary health/medical requirements for your child.

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